Feedback Standard

Simple Operation Guideline

1. Welcome to VP Feedback, Please fulfill your information as requires. We’ll send an e-mail to your inbox to activate your account.

2. Then refill in your e-mail address and password,and log in.

3. After your register, the product page is presenting to you as follows:

4. You can have a look at the reference and apply the product that you like, two products at most the first time . As the following picture shows, if you have applied one product, it reminds coins left one. Click the apply botton, it will show as follows:

(Of course, you can get the permission upgrade as you are our long-term cooperator. It means you can apply more products when we are in good partnership. )

5. Pay attention to the red arrow, make sure the Payment and payback item. If you can accept, please click "Yes" if you agreed.Click the button “ok”,Then come to the page as follows:

6. Copy the product link and open in a new window. Have a look at the product details and place order as usual.

7. click the Submitorder button and then come to the following page:

8. Please copy the order number to submit and upload your Screenshot of order information.

9. After you submit the order number and screenshot, it will reminds, operation complete.

10. Please wait for the seller to make sure the order information.

Seller will confirm it within 72 hours and cashback will be finished within 48hours after the confirmation. The delay only happens on Sunday.

After all things get ready, the product testing is accomplished.

Several Tips:

Please submit the true and effective order number timely.
Please choose the product that you like and really want to buy.
We will keep your personal information as a secret, it is only a reference for us to check with your shopping and testing review experience. Only we are in an equal and fair stage, can we be sincere cooperators.
Please contact with our service staff first if you have any question about the product and price. we will contact with seller for a negotiation way.